How It Works

Alert Aid 24/7 offers the best on-the-go emergency alert systems on the market, ensuring you are covered 24/7. Here's how our medical alert systems work to protect you in three simple steps.

Get Immediate Help in 3 Easy Steps

1. Press Your Medical Alert Help Button

All of Alert Aid's devices have clear, easily pressed buttons to connect with our medical monitoring center in seconds.

  • Fast, Reliable Response
  • Clear Reception Everywhere
  • Comfortable and Durable Devices
  • Usable No Matter Where You Are

2. Connect with Our Emergency Monitoring Center to Confirm Your Situation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our U.S.-based emergency call operators are always here for you. When you push the button on your Alert Aid Device, you will receive instant help by an expert who will get you the help you need – emergency or not – right away.

3. Receive Immediate Assistance

Help is on the Way - In the event of an emergency, a quick response matters. Your safety is our #1 concern, and if needed, we'll immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your location.

If we can't hear you through your device, we'll call your designated phone number to confirm your well-being. Should we not be able to reach you, we'll send emergency medical services to ensure your safety.