Senior Protection On-The-Go

  • Safety solution for your most important resource

  • Connected 24/7 to monitoring centers

  • Seamless real-time tracking and response

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Safety and protection no matter where you are.

Built-in fall detection gives members of the senior population peace of mind, knowing that they are always being monitored. In addition, with the press of a button, Umbrella notifies loved ones, caregivers, and monitoring stations of an incident, sending out a users precise location and using 2-way voice to dispatch emergency responders for immediate assistance.

These notifications help responders reach the person in need faster, to offer assistance as soon as possible and ultimately reduce the severity of the potential harm done. Quicker intervention has proven to lead to reduced injury severity and better quality of life thereafter.

  • LTE-M data network enabled

  • Fully water resistant

  • Geolocation and indoor location

  • Long lasting battery

  • False alert cancellation

Seniors On-The-Go

With Alert Aid, monitoring of patients doesn't stop at their doorstep. With cellular and geolocation connectivity this Alert Aid device can be used anywhere, anytime, meaning that monitoring isn't limited to their house, giving them the freedom to live indpendently both in and out of their home.

  • Belt Clip

  • With Cord

  • With Cradle

  • Leveraging CAT-M technology enables a more compact and significantly lighter solution. Umbrella uses rechargeable battery technology with Qi wireless charging that improves convenience and usability. Connectivity to LTE-M IoT networks facilitates hands-free voice calls to multiple numbers at considerably lower data rates than traditional GSM-based mobile PERS units.

  • No installation– Preconfigured requires no on-site configuration.

  • Cloud-based – integrates into existing command centers with a customer web portal and app.

  • Communications

    • Cat-M1 cellular network
    • BLE Protocol
    • Voice over IP
  • Geolocation

    • GNSS
    • WI-FI
    • Cellular triangulation
  • Power

    • Battery: Rechargeable
    • Battery life: 1 voice call with geolocation. Up to 7 days of standby
  • Dimensions

    • Size (H x W x D): 55 x 35 x 15 mm (2.165 x 1.378 x 0.591 in.)
    • Weight: 26 g (0.9 oz.)
  • Environment

    • Storage ambient temperature range: -20ºC - 70ºC (-4ºF - 158ºF)
    • Operating ambient temperature range: -10ºC -55C (14ºF - 131ºF)
    • Operating humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
    • Water and dust resistant: IP67